Annemarie sells XLV $49.22: Mid-Day ETF Update: ETFs, Stocks Mostly Weaker, On Track to Close the Week ...

Mid-Day ETF Update: ETFs, Stocks Mostly Weaker, On Track to Close the Week ... NASDAQ - 9 hours ago Health Care SPDR (XLV) was off 0.4%; Vanguard Health Care ETF (VHT) and iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare (IYH) were in the red. (more)

Syreeta sold XLV.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
30.8.13            ----   - 412720049.4849.4849.07 49.22
29.8.13           -----   - 404250049.1749.7449.01 49.41
28.8.13             ---- -- 600860049.0649.4448.82 49.26
27.8.13            ----- -- 665330049.4549.5148.95 49.05
26.8.13        ----       - 394170049.8850.1749.79 49.86
23.8.13          ---        236660049.6749.8549.48 49.79
22.8.13           ---       276850049.5249.7549.41 49.66
21.8.13          -----   -- 617830049.5549.8049.23 49.34
20.8.13          ---     -- 502990049.5249.8449.48 49.64
19.8.13           ----  --- 809620049.2949.7549.27 49.50
16.8.13            --   --- 1027780049.5249.6249.34 49.41
15.8.13        -----     -- 646130050.0350.1849.63 49.64
14.8.13   ----           -- 588070050.7451.0250.46 50.49
13.8.13   -----           - 443010050.9051.0050.44 50.89
12.8.13    ---            - 384170050.8750.8750.55 50.70
9.8.13  ----             - 390240050.9651.2350.73 50.91
8.8.13 ----              - 362940051.2751.3350.91 51.09
7.8.13  ----             - 395520050.9551.1850.75 51.09
6.8.13 ----              - 428020051.2151.3750.87 51.05
5.8.13 --                - 347970051.3251.4651.19 51.29

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