Adah buys CAT $84.75: The Perfect Storm [Microsoft Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., Deere & Company ...

The Perfect Storm [Microsoft Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., Deere & Company ... Seeking Alpha - 14 hours ago Generally, when you hear the words "perfect storm," you tend to think of an unfortunate alignment of events that brings along some tr ... (more)

Ranae, Yasmine, Sharice, and Cassandra bought Caterpillar.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13 --------       --- 1345300087.6187.6584.75 84.75
19.9.13 --               - 476520088.0488.2587.31 87.75
18.9.13 ----             - 556740086.3188.0186.20 87.84
17.9.13 ---                341770087.3687.4586.67 87.07
16.9.13 --               - 487760087.9688.2287.03 87.18
13.9.13  ---               327590087.1087.2086.38 87.01
12.9.13  --                398050086.9487.2286.62 86.84
11.9.13  ---             - 438320086.5087.1386.26 87.13
10.9.13   --            -- 629870086.8186.8986.18 86.61
9.9.13     -----       -- 670880084.0486.0384.02 85.59
6.9.13         -----    - 556640083.2284.2282.40 83.39
5.9.13           --       372840083.3783.5282.71 82.95
4.9.13          ----    - 448400082.7783.7482.30 83.54
3.9.13          ------ -- 754410083.1583.5481.72 82.51
30.8.13            ---   - 442580082.6082.7682.21 82.54
29.8.13            ---     370630082.5083.0682.02 82.53
28.8.13             --- -- 676370081.8082.6681.46 82.45
27.8.13          ----    - 557070082.8883.5482.48 82.70
26.8.13        ----      - 412320083.9884.7883.52 83.56
23.8.13        ----      - 448720084.3784.4083.40 83.89

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Caterpillar Inc. global machine sales fell anew on slow demand from Asia-Pacific Gant Daily - 11 hours ago Peoria, IL, United States (4E) - Caterpillar Inc. said Friday that rolling global retail sales declined for the ninth straight month, primarily becau ... (more)
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NYSE Decliners Watch List: Weyerhaeuser Co. (NYSE:WY) and Caterpillar Inc ... SBWire (press release) - 5 hours ago Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) a company that manufactures and sells construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industri ... (more)
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