Camilla buys CRM $52.76: Trend Spotting: Platform Eco-Systems [Google Inc, salesforce.com, inc.]

Trend Spotting: Platform Eco-Systems [Google Inc, salesforce.com, inc.] Seeking Alpha - Sep 20, 2013 Having a cloud-hosted platform has become the new trend for high tech businesses worldwide. App developers can receive the resources they need to build, la ... (more)

Wilma, Karole, Na, and Deetta bought Salesforce.Com Inc.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13 --                   610640053.5054.0252.75 52.76
19.9.13 --                 - 689750052.6654.2552.66 53.38
18.9.13  -----            -- 1046600049.9352.5749.87 52.49
17.9.13     --               316720049.8550.4749.70 49.90
16.9.13     --               334880050.2050.4649.49 49.65
13.9.13      --              335180049.9250.0949.18 49.64
12.9.13     --               383930049.8350.6049.40 49.96
11.9.13     --               430940049.7950.4249.49 49.88
10.9.13      -               513940049.4550.0849.35 50.02
9.9.13       --             522100048.6049.2048.54 49.20
6.9.13       --             518550048.6949.2548.02 48.47
5.9.13       --             599970048.4649.1248.37 48.60
4.9.13       --           - 802940048.8149.2548.30 48.77
3.9.13     ---           -- 1022400049.4650.1549.13 49.58
30.8.13      ----       ---- 3186260047.6749.9447.38 49.13
29.8.13              ---  -- 1318640042.3643.9842.11 43.65
28.8.13               --     587760042.4543.2542.38 42.78
27.8.13               --     558970042.9242.9842.33 42.46
26.8.13              --      573570043.1643.8443.15 43.40
23.8.13              --      431710043.1943.7343.00 43.59

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Maxim Group Increases salesforce.com inc. Price Target to $62.00 (CRM) WKRB News - 5 hours ago salesforce.com inc. logo Analysts at Maxim Group hoisted their target price on shares of salesforce.com inc. (NYSE:CRM) from $55.00 to $62.00 in a research repor ... (more)
Will the Surge in Sales Force Automation bring Win-Win for Salesforce.com, Inc ... BasicsMedia - Sep 17, 2013 Tomahawk, WI 9/17/2013 (BasicsMedia) - Recipient of 'World's Most Innovative Company' recognition for three consecutive years by Forbe ... (more)
salesforce.com, inc. (CRM): Enterprise cloud titans Salesforce, Workday ... Seeking Alpha - Sep 18, 2013 Cloud CRM software leader Salesforce (CRM +2.1%) and cloud HR software leader Workday (WDAY +1%) state they plan to "integrate the entire Salesfor ... (more)
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